Song Boards & Song Library

Song Boards

Our favorite things song board

Click on the picture of the Song board to go to a Google folder with pictures of all our song boards.  You can download them as needed.

Song Library

To access archived songs, click on the link to the song category. This will take you to our Google Doc archive.  You do not need a gmail account to access the songs.

Additional songs can be found at the Raging Grannies International Website 

If you want a song added to the library, just mail a copy to the webmaster along with an explanation of what category it belongs.

To view or print a song:

  1. Click the link of whatever category song you want. 
  2. Once inside the folder, you’ll see images of pages or folders with the truncated names of the songs, or you’ll see a list of the songs. What you see depends on how you have your Google Drive set up. The function is all the same.  
  3. To see and print a song, click on the song and it will open in printable form.  
  4. Click the printer icon at the top of the page and follow the instructions (which depend on your computer and printer).

General Protest Songs

Environment & Climate Change

Gay Rights (Pride NW Parade)

Gun Control

Health Care

Jobs with Justice

People First: Not Corporations (Move to Amend, Occupy Portland)

Peace and Social Justice

Racial Justice


Women’s Rights

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