You Can Be a Raging Granny

If You Believe

Corporations are not people
One percenters should pay their fair share of taxes
Hydrofracking is not safe
Women should be able to have a choice in their healthcare
Elections should not be exploited by big money
Climate change is real and we need to address the problem
People have the right to clean water and healthy food

 then maybe you’re a Raging Granny.

The Raging Grannies is a fun way to voice your political concerns through song.

(Singing experience and grandchildren not required)

What it takes to be a Raging Granny

A good and/or strong voice is not a requirement for being a Raging Granny. While it’s great to have some really fine singers in the group, everyone’s contribution is appreciated: clever costumes,  funny hats, being passionate, writing songs, organizing events, hosting, encouraging others, just showing up…Mostly just being outraged and showing the community that even though we’re getting old, we haven’t stopped raging.

Contact us to join!

See our member guidelines for details on requirements and expectations