The Jordon Cove Export Facility — A Message to Governor Kate Brown

Oregon State governor, Kate Brown, says she’s our progressive champion; yet, she has remained quiet about the Pacific Connector Pipeline and the Jordon Cove Export Facility.

This proposed pipeline and export terminal would become one of the largest polluters in Oregon, use eminent domain to take property rights from private land owners so a Canadian company could sell cheap fracked gas to Asian markets, disturb Native American territories and burial grounds, endanger 400 waterways, estuaries, and salmon habitat. And that’s the best case scenario; if there are accidents or mishaps which are the rule not the exception with pipelines, the damage could be catastrophic.  Learn more about the Jordan Cove Fracked Gas LNG Pipeline and Export Terminal.  You can also read an informed viewpoint from Oregon youth.

In this song, we are asking “Guv’nor Kate Brown, Where are you?” And we ask the same question of our state legislature!  You can ask the same question by signing this petition.

Guv’nor Kate Brown, Where are You?
Sung to the tune of “Car 54, Where are you?”

They want a pipeline through the south
of our green and lovely state.
There’s a plan to clearcut forests
Drill through rivers, streams, and lakes.
Though the farmers may complain
Trump says’ “eminent domain!”

Guv’nor Kate Brown, where are you?

There’s some fracked gas miles away,
Plans to export through Coos Bay,
Cuz a company in Canada
Thinks Asia’s gonna pay.
If we want to be around
Gotta keep it in the ground!

Guv’nor Kate Brown, where are you?

18 million cubic yards
Is how much they want to dredge
and the thought of catastrophe
keeps all of us on edge.
Since the Big One’s gonna come
It would all be pretty dumb!

Guv’nor Kate Brown, where are you?