Spirit of Portland Awards

This annual awards ceremony formally recognizes and honors some of Portland’s most active and engaged community members for their outstanding contributions and hard work in the arts & culture, environmental, equity, and social justice issues. This year also we are recognizing those Standing Up for Love against Hate.                  Chloe Eudaly – Commissioner

The Portland Raging Grannies thanks Commissioner Eudaly, City Council, and Mayor Wheeler for honoring us with a Spirit of Portland Award. We are deeply honored by this recognition.  One of the things Grannies do is participate in social activist events with organizations that share our mission which is promote peace and justice, human rights and equality, and environmental protection. We use humor, singing and choreography to bring attention to a cause, but we are serious about our mission. The rallies and marches we support and attend are largely organized by other social and environmentally conscious organizations. Some were honored at the 2017 Portland Spirit Awards. So The Portland Raging Grannies share this award with those dedicated activists and organizations.