In Memory of Gracie Em

This post was written by Joana, a member of the Portland Raging Grannies and friend of Grace Marian. 

screenshotOur good friend and member of the Portland Raging Grannies, Grace Marion or Gracie Em, passed on this week.    She was a Grannie for several years before leaving in 2015  for Botswana as a Peace Corp volunteer.  She had a wonderful experience there.    Sadly, she had to return when she discovered she had ALS.

She spent her days with her family in Maine and continued to be positive and interested in so many things.  Last August she requested suggestions for Sci Fi books – perhaps to preview which new universe she was interested in moving to.

She loved being a part of the Grannies for conversations and activism.  She was a delight in the actions, I just wish I had a photo with her in her leopard print Grannie gear.   But this is close —-screenshot

She was also a long-time volunteer with KBOO, hosting shows, working the tables and the book and record sales,  and always a delight to be with.  Her many friends in Portland Oregon will miss her wonderful smile and her stellar spirit

Here is one of the last messages she sent to us all.

We all do what we can.
Life is amazing and beautiful
and we struggle