March Against Hate

A large gaggle of Portland Raging Grannies were at the “Patriot Prayer” counter-protest rally September 10 in Terry Schrunk Plaza in Portland.  We gathered at the at noon and practiced our songs with some folks looking on smiling and taking pictures.  At about 12:30pm the program began with several community leaders from native, Latino/a, immigrant, Jewish and other groups espousing messages of love and peace.  The march began around 1:30, and the Raging Grannies hustled to a corner to dance “Stand up for Your Rights” as the marchers passed by.  Many stopped to join in singing and dancing and to take our pictures.  The mood was enthusiastic and peaceful.  When the end of the march line approached, the Grannies joined the march .  We marched for several blocks with our banner and some songs.  The police then announced that those who wanted to remain for a peaceful march only should leave, so we did.  None of the Grannies witnessed the disturbances reported to have occurred. See this article from OPB for more information about the march.