Things to do: Week of March 6


Mayor’s Town Hall on Portland’s Climate Priorities
7PM, Thursday, March 16
Tabor Space, 5441 SE Belmont 97215
The event is free and open to the public. Donations gratefully accepted.

International Women’s Day
Wednesday, March 8.
If you can, don’t work.  Shop only at women and minority owned businesses. Take to the streets.

Starting at 12 noon, Portland Women Against Hate is hosting a series of events starting with “Get Ready to Run for Office.”

Take Back Our Education, Open House teach-in
6pm, March 16
Filipino American Center, 8197 SE Stark St.

The Oregon State Legislature’s House Rules Committee will hold a hearing on House Bill 2927 (National Popular Vote) at 3 PM next Tuesday, March 14th.  If you can, go to Salem to show your support.

Join Congresswoman Bonamici at a Town Hall Meeting

Hillsboro Town Hall Meeting
Monday, March 13th 6:00pm
Washington County Fair Complex,
Main Exhibit Hall North

Scappoose Town Hall Meeting
Saturday, April 15th 3:00pm
Scappoose High School, Gym

Warrenton Town Hall Meeting Saturday, April 15th 11:00am
Warrenton High School, Gym

Sherwood Town Hall Meeting
Monday, April 17th 6:00pm
Sherwood High School, Gym


Portland Town Hall Meeting
Sunday, May 7th 11:00am
Lincoln High School, Gym

Support Reproductive Health in Oregon

“Women and children first.” We grannies are old enough to remember when that was a common sentiment…even if in reality it usually only applied to lifeboats on sinking ships and men holding doors open for women.

Under this new administration, we’re quickly learning that no one is “first” except those who are setting the priorities and making the policies. We women don’t expect to be first, but we’d like to at least be side by side with men. And most people…at least sane people…do believe that children should be our first priority.

But how do children even have a chance if their mothers are denied the right and the resources to make informed choices about their reproductive health? Family planning, birth control, healthy pregnancies, pre and post natal care…those are the first steps toward healthy children.  Support Oregon’s Reproductive Health Equity Act.

Demand Answers about Russian Involvement in the 2016 Election

Support the ACLU in Demanding a Special ProsecutorThe American people need answers about Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign. Join the ACLU and call on Acting Deputy Attorney General Dane Boente, the official in charge of this investigation, to appoint a special prosecutor.  No one is above the law in America, no matter their political connections.

Influence the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Policy on ICE

The MCSO is accepting citizen commentary on its newly formalized policies for dealing with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Read the policy and submit your thoughts.

Contact Your Representative

Tell your members of Congress to demand a fully transparent process for any legislative action on the ACA, including requiring a public Congressional Budget Office cost estimate before any vote.

Tell your Senator to demand that Rosenstein commit to appointing a special prosecutor to investigate all ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Call your representatives and tell them that NOAA is vital to our economy, to our health, and to our way of life and that you oppose any reduction in NOAA’s budget.

Contact Amazo