We’ve Been Busy!

We’ve not posted on our website since November. The results of the 2016 presidential election hit us hard, and consequently we’ve taken time to take stock of what needs to be done to combat what is proving to be a relentless assault on peace, social justice, human rights and environmental protection.

Even though we haven’t posted in the past few months, we have been busy.  Here’s a list of some of the things we’ve done between the November election and the end of January, 2017

  • Women’s March-Portland.  We sang on stage as the march began and then moved to the street corners to continue raising our voices.  One of our members attended the Women’s March in Washington DC.
  • International Human Rights Days/Phillipines
  • City Council Meetings to testify about divestment, fossil free city, sanctuary city, suing Monsanto
  • Two of our members traveled to the camps at Standing Rock and delivered supplies.
  • One of our members spoke on Kootenay Co-op Radio 93.5 Nelson BC about climate change, Standing Rock, the elections and the recount, and the Kinder Morgan pipeline developments.
  • We contributed to the Bunk Bus that was sent to Standing Rock to support the Water Protectors.
  • Immigration Rally in Salem
  • Methane facility hearing in Longview
  • Outside Senator Wyden’s office to send the message to reject Trumps reckless climate denying cabinet nominees.
  • Outside Senator Merkley’s office to thank him for standing strong against cabinet appointments.
  • Handout divestment flyers at US Bank
  • Jan 14 Stand Together event.  A full day of workshops for people new to social and political action and for those upgrading their skills.
  • We began working on new dances.
  • March for Justice and Equality
  • Calling our senators and representatives
  • Writing our senators and representatives

We’ve also found our email inboxes flooded with calls to action.  We’ve decided to use our website as a curated site for sharing those calls to action.  We won’t be doing it on any regular schedule but rather in response to the needs of the progressive community.  We’ll also crosspost to our Facebook page and Twitter account.  Please note that our sharing of this information does not constitute an endorsement of the organization or event.  We are simply sharing and leaving it to you to make a decision.