Open Letter to Portland Mayor Hale Regarding Fossil Fuel Policy and the Oil Train Resolutions

Dear Mayor Hales,

We want to thank you for co-sponsoring the Fossil Fuel and Oil Train Resolutions as well as your brave action in changing the course of the negotiations with Pembina.  We appreciate your listening to the people of Portland on that issue.  

We urge you to vote ‘yes’ on each of two landmark resolutions on November 4th – the Fossil Fuel Policy resolution and the Oil Train resolution.  These two measures (and their effective implementation) will serve to: 

  1. protect our community members health and well-being, 
  2. promote safety throughout the region, and 
  3. significantly reduce this region’s contributions to the very substantial expenses and dangers of climate disruption globally (including those that we already have experienced in our own region).

Portland has already demonstrated its commitment to significantly reducing carbon emissions with its adoption of CAP (Climate Action Plan).  The proposals to prohibit any projects that would increase the amount of crude oil being transported by rail or to expand infrastructure whose primary purpose is transporting or storing fossil fuels in or through Portland or adjacent waterways puts real teeth in the CAP and will move us significantly closer to meeting Portland’s climate action goals.

The frosting on the cake is the opportunity for Portland to be a leader of other cities in the movement to implement real and effective measures to combat climate change and our extreme over-dependence on fossil fuels.  We will all be so proud of our  city’s leadership in this very important area when this becomes a reality!  

Mayor Hales, please cast your votes in favor of approving the Fossil Fuel Policy resolution and the Oil Train resolution.

Yours truly,

The Portland Raging Grannies