Speaking out against big oil

Grannies in the news again.  Here is the link to an article describing some of the events that occurred in Aberdeen, WA on Thursday, October 8.  Four of us were there.  Follow the article and see how we “disrupted” the hearing!  (and, by the way, we did attempt to rhyme). 

Here is the section of the article (it is in the 2nd half of the article) where we are mentioned (we gave our names, but they are not included)

Another performance during the second comment session came close to derailing the entire hearing, as four members of the Portland Raging Grannies, a social activist group, attempted to splice together two consecutively numbered public comment passes to sing in the melody of “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain.

We present an urgent message here today / Don’t develop Westway down in Grays Harbor,” they sang, making no attempt to rhyme. “All the dangers, fumes and fires are well known though some conspire to erect a terminal to have their way.”

As the group’s first two minutes wrapped up, they tried explaining they had collected two comment passes, intended to be used consecutively. The hearing’s facilitator saw things differently, and asked the group to sit. A short dispute led to a five-minute recess of the hearing, but no further consequences.”