We can send them messages of support as they #RiseUpTO // THE STORM IS COMING: Pan Am Economic & Climate Summits

July 8, 6:30am.
Meet at Berczy Park.
Surround the Royal York. March up Bay Street
Free Breakfast!
Join on facebook

On July 8th, the Pan American Economic and Climate Summits will meet at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. That morning, the elites in this city will welcome with open arms some of the people most responsible for destroying our planet, pushing communities out of their homes, and making us poor. We will be there to give them a different sort of ‘welcome.’

On the morning of July 8th, we will come together rise like the swell of the ocean; and surround the Royal York Hotel. Together, we will assert our dreams of better worlds.

Some of the leaders of destruction that will be in attendance at the summits:

*Shell’s CEO, head of Precision Frac (leading Fracking Company), head of CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, head of corporate Cap and Trade groups..

*US, EU, Canada and Ontario Chambers of Commerce, Tony Clement, HSBC CEO, E.L. Rothschild, BNP Paribas, TD Group..

*Head of OECD, David Johnson (Canada’s Governor General), the Inter-American Development Bank, Felipe Calderon, John Negroponte..

* Shimon Perez, Garda..

These villains gather in Toronto in less than five weeks – so we need to move quickly! We must spread the word and get organized. Please do these three things right away:
* Invite people to this facebook event page, click here.
* Share this image on facebook: https://goo.gl/zB1Fsc
* Download posters and put them up in your window or on your street corner from http://toronto.nooneisillegal.org/RiseUpTO

THE PLAN: While we are busy working late, capitalism parties early. So wake up with the sun and join us at 6:30am at Berczy park (Front and Church). Together, we will swarm the Royal York Hotel, and disrupt those entering the Pan Am Climate and Economic Summits. They will know that while they plot the destruction of our planet and our people, we challenge them at every turn, here and across the planet.

As the sun rises further, we will reassemble and surge up Bay Street. Like a swarm of birds, joined in our struggle and united in our rage, we will confront the financial and corporate headquarters of Canada in their shiny glass buildings as they open for business. As the super-rich and their pawns that sit on Bay Street stroll into work, we will rattle their doors, shake their spirit, and overwhelm them with our songs. We will continue to Toronto City Hall for free breakfast and end by 9:30am.

Because we are against capitalism, colonialism and the climate crisis
Because we demand freedom to move, return and stay.
Because we want decent housing, an end to poverty and poor bashing, and racist police brutality.
Because we want an end to destructive mining and fossil fuel extraction.
Because we oppose wars and the national security state.
Because we have a responsibility to people around the world struggling for justice against those who are participating in the economic and climate summits in Toronto.

ACCESSIBILITY: This action will be a joyful protest, where will put our bodies in front of cars and people. There will be lots of singing. We ask that you come in groups and talk to your friends about what you’re comfortable with. Our aim is zero arrests and we will try to make the action as accessible as possible but due to its nature cannot guarantee complete accessibility or safety. We know that the racist and anti-poor police in Toronto are unpredictable so that can’t be guaranteed even if you’re walking down the street in the middle of the day on your own. Legal support will be provided. Please email us (nooneisillegal@riseup.net) if you have specific accessibility concerns.

For groups outside of Toronto that can coordinate transportation from their cities, please get in touch with us. Information about billets will soon be updated.

To endorse, please email nooneisillegal@riseup.net

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