Take Action Against the Pembina Terminal: Write a Letter to Portland City Council Members

Please join the Grannies in taking action against the Pembina Propane Terminal.  One way you can help is to write a letter to the Portland City Council Members.

Here is a sample letter you are welcome to use. Just fill in your information.

Dear Council Member:

My name is Your Name, I live at Your Address in Portland.  My phone number is Your Phone Number and my e-mail is Your email address.

I am writing about the upcoming vote on the Pembina Propane Terminal.    I believe that your vote on Pembina will shape votes in the future concerning fossil fuel infrastructure expansion.

There is increasing attention to climate change in the national press.  The New York Times with stories about the loss of Canadian glaciers by 2100, increasing drought in the area surrounding the Rio Grande River in Arizona and Texas.    In Feb, NOAA published a paper on  that is alarming in its predictions for eastern Oregon.

There are also numerous safety and climate change concerns about the transport of propane by rail through North and Northeast Portland neighborhoods.   Those concerns must be considered as a part of the proposal by Pembina.

Any action that furthers the increase in CO2 emissions must stop and evidence shows that the Pembina proposal will do just that.  We have reached a point at which climate extremism and climate realism have merged.

I urge you to VOTE NO! on Pembina and on all other fossil fuel expansion in Portland and Multnomah County.

FOR OUR CHILDREN (All of them, everywhere.)



Thank you,

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