No Propane Terminal!

Although this letter was written by one of our members, the sentiment is shared by the group. We have taken part in a number of actions to voice concern about the Pembina Terminal in Portland.

No Propane Terminal
By Natalie Reich, Portland Raging Grannies

I am appalled by the decision of the Planning and Sustainability Commission to allow Pembina to proceed with the approval process for a Propane Terminal in Portland.   Portland won the title of Climate Champion based on a commitment to reduce carbon footprint by 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050.   This terminal would have the opposite effect by increasing emissions dramatically.   It would become the largest energy depleter and single largest carbon emitter in the metropolitan Portland area.

The Audobon Society, 350 PDX, Columbia River Keepers, Neighborhood Associations, Health Professionals, the Climate Action Committee, environmentalists, faith leaders, and others who care about our community and our planet are all opposed to this project.  We  packed the house during both hearings and made strong arguments against this violation of all that Portland stands for.

Why Portland should say yes to a foreign company that wants to ship up to 820 million gallons of propane gas? This gas will be shipped by rail (a train every other day) through the Columbia gorge to our port then down our Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean  so that China can manufacture plastics!  The Pembina Terminal can’t even be justified by the need for energy that is not Coal or Oil (although fracking  emits MORE methane than coal, and methane causes more ozone depletion than carbon!).

There are multiple reasons to say “no” to Propane.   I am focusing on Climate Change, because Mayor Hales made a commitment for Portland to reduce our carbon emissions.    Numerous other communities have said “NO” to propane terminals; Portland needs to stand with them and be part of the solution to the crisis that will be on our planet if we don’t leave 80% of the remaining fossil fuel in the ground, where it belongs.

Please stop Pembina in its tracks.   

Check our calendar for upcoming actions against the Pembina Terminal!

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