Why the Portland Raging Grannies are Enraged by Monsanto

  • Monsanto hurts the small and organic farmer.
  • Monsanto has designed and sell seeds that bear sterile fruit so that farmers will have to buy more seeds for subsequent crops.
  • If a farmer does save seed or even plants a nonMonsanto seed next to a Monsanto crop, Monsanto has threatened to sue them for patent infringement.
  • If crops cross pollinate, Monsanto claims to legally owns the resulting seed.
  • There is no evidence that GMOs are safe.  GMOs are banned in Europe, but the US population has been turned into a giant test population for unproven biotechnology.
  • GMOs contain their own insecticide – if insects can’t/won’t eat GMOs, why should humans?
  • Foods should be labeled if they contain GMOs so that the consumer can make an informed decision.
  • Monsanto makes Round-up, one of the most pervasive chemicals used in agribusiness. It kills just about everything except seeds genetically modified to be resistant. So what is the residue doing to humans?
  • The “Monsanto Protection Act” was slipped into legislation and protects companies like Monsanto from legal challenges.The law could be used to revoke the ability of individual states to pass GMO-labeling laws. The Monsanto Protection Act needs to be repealed.