The Portland Raging Grannies Support Greenpeace

Greenpeace recently docked their ship, The Rainbow Warrior, at Vancouver Landing. The Rainbow Warrior sails the world bearing witness to environmental degradation including bringing attention to the damage exporting coal will bring to the Columbia River Gorge. The Portland Raging Grannies were joined by our sister Raging Grannies from Eugene and Corvalis for this important event.

While visiting the Rainbow Warrior, we learned of the Arctic 30, international crew members of the Greenpeace ship, The Arctic Sunrise. While protesting oil drilling in the environmentally sensitive Arctic, the crew was arrested by Russian authorities and the ship was seized.  The crew is now in jail and charged with “piracy and hooliganism,” which carry sentences of 7-15 years.  Members of the Raging Grannies signed a petition of sentiment urging the release of the 28 activists and the 2 journalists accompanying them.  To show your support of the Arctic 30, go to Free the Arctic 30.